Ageless if you dare
Ageless if you dare
force of nature

Why we age

We were hoping for some virtuoso dermatology but in fact the ageing process is stunningly obvious once you know. It was always going to happen given the design of the face.

So there will never be a miracle cream.

The face is not as people imagine it to be. It is all stuck together into a single spongy mass, and the skin is part of that. In other words the skin is a passenger. All it can really do is look pretty; it doesn’t shape anything.

The face is one clump of muscle_Page_1.png
The face is one clump of muscle_Page_2.png

When your facial muscles loosen it's like slackening the strings of a marionette. It looks like that and it is like that... the entire face falls forward (downwards and inwards)

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The downward shift affects everything apart from the eye area and forehead. When the face is no longer hoisted high it looks like many unrelated issues have affected the face, when what we are seeing is one event.

An older face hangs more loosely from the bones. It looks as if someone has loosened the ropes that keep it hoisted. It looks like that and it is like that. 

The upper face.

The appearance that volume has disappeared from the upper face is deceptive. There’s not a dramatic change in the overall volume, it's just that when the face slides down the flesh is stretched over the cheekbones and resettles in the lower face, leaving a flat upper face and an exposed cheekbone.

Lower face.

Women’s faces look more masculine as the shift makes the lower face get bulky. It isn't fat redistribution, at least not in the sense that you've lost fat in one area and gained it somewhere else. It's the same fat. It's just moved down with everything else, and it can be moved back.


Jowls aren’t loose muscles, they’re overhanging flesh. Chewing exercises are no good. Instead of trying to tighten muscles that aren’t really there, the flesh needs to be pulled up clear of the jaw from above, revealing the clean line underneath

Nose-mouth folds.

These used to be, in beauty parlance, treated with filler, but it never looks right because again they’re the result of the face dropping down and forward, forming a swag from the points where flesh is anchored. In time the same effect happens mouth-to-chin, making puppet lines. Both things are improved by pulling the flesh up and out towards the upper and outer areas away from where it overhangs, reversing the downward-inward collapse rather than trying to stuff extra volume into the area.

Mouth corners.

They inevitably drop because the muscles for smiling are directly lifting them up. They're one of the first areas to go down.


The neck isn't like the face; it's like the rest of the body: the skin is just wrapped around the muscles and not attached to them. But the drop in the face has a knockon effect and makes the neck skin slacker.

Women have been looking to the skin to do what it was never intended to do and prop the face up. The key to a face, shaping and lifting it, is its  smile.